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North Downs School Partnership Choir Concert - 11th July 2016

At Walton on the Hill Primary School we LOVE singing! We sing in all our assemblies; we sing in our lessons; even Mr Samuel sings when he is in his office or around the school (we humour him and smile politely!). A big event for us each year is the North Downs School Partnership (NDSP) combined choir concert. We always enjoy being part of this and are very thankful to Mrs Kirkland and Mrs Samuel (Mr Samuel's Mum!) for all their hard work with us to help us learn the songs!

Home (Full)

Home (Piano Only).mp3

Building (Full).mp3

Building (Piano Only).mp3

Imagine (Full).mp3

Imagine (Piano Only).mp3

Wouldn't it be Loverly (Full).mp3

Wouldn't it be Loverly (Piano Only).mp3

Refuge (Full).mp3

Refuge (Piano Only).mp3

Our House (Full).mp3

Our House (Piano Only).mp3

No Place Like Home (Full).mp3

No Place Like Home (Piano Only).mp3

Earth Song (Full).mp3

Earth Song (Piano Only).mp3

Shadowland (Full).mp3

Shadowland (Piano Only).mp3