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What to do if you are sad or worried

Life can sometimes be tricky and it can make you feel sad, lonely, worried, nervous and all sorts of other emotions. This can happen to anyone at any time!! We want to help you with any worries you have so please come and talk to us! It is OK to be worried about things and often the more you talk about a worry the smaller it will get!

What can you do?

Each classroom has a 'Worry Box' that you can use to share your worries with your class teacher. They will talk through you worries and try to help you feel happier!

Walton Worry Busters - If you don't want to share your worry with your class teacher you can leave a note in our whole school worry box which is found outside of our main hall. A Walton Worry Buster will check the box every day and as soon as we can we will come and find you to have a chat and see how we can help. 

Please see below some other people who may be able to help if you are worried about something. Click on the links to find out more:


The Samaritans