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School Development Plan - 2015 - 2016

The staff and governors of Walton on the Hill Primary School focus on the strategic development of our school to ensure that  children get the very best 'Outstanding' education. To ensure standards are maintained and the school continues to develop we create an annual School Development Plan which runs from September to August each year. This is a detailed document that outlines the core expectations of all involved with the school and how the school plans to develop. As part of this process we consult children, parents, staff, governors and members of our community to ensure that all stakeholders views are taken into account. Below is an overview of the main areas that our SDP is focusing on this year. If you would like to discuss any particular aspect of this plan with Mr Samuel please contact the school office to make an appointment.

Our School Development Plan for 2015 - 2016 has been developed by using feedback from all stakeholders from the school and focuses on 3 main objectives:


1 - Continued development and implementation of assessment procedures in line with the new 2014 National Curriculum to include all curriculum subjects

With the newly embedded National Curriculum and ‘Life Without Levels’, as a school we are working towards developing a new strategy of assessment in order to ensure we track progress of all children. Accurate tracking and evaluation of progress is essential for the school to retain the Outstanding progress for every child. This applies to all curriculum subjects and every subject leader will be working to ensure that progression of skills and knowledge is effective throughout the whole school. 


2 - To promote outstanding behaviour for learning for all children

Outstanding behaviour relates to more than children behaving themselves in the classroom, on the playground and on learning trips and visits. Outstanding Behaviour for Learning is key to children becoming independent, resilient learners who are able to succeed both while with us at the school and in their futures. This School Development Priority is aimed to further develop the range of approaches children adopt to complete challenging and ambitious tasks. Classroom and Playground behaviour in our school is Outstanding with a vast majority of children observing our core values of Respect, Rights and Responsibilities. Within this development priority we are seeking a clearer and more robust strategy based on respect and restorative approached to deal with those children who do not always behave appropriately.


3 - To develop as a truly outward facing school in order to further develop outstanding provision for all children

Our school moto is ‘Global School Vision – Village School Values’ which reflects our dedication to establish the best in pedagogy and curriculum design while maintaining our core values as a village school. To move the school forward we will be looking at a range of alternative avenues to develop the skill-set of staff and open increased opportunities for the children in our school. 


In addition to these core aims we will be focusing on a range of other aspects of development within our school:

  • The development of middle and senior leaders to ensure effective distribution of leadership throughout the school
  • Further clarify areas of responsibility for SLT & Governors to lead key elements of the school
  • Ensure the SACRE (Surrey RE Curriculum) delivers effective comparative religion
  • Secure high quality questioning in every lesson
  • Develop core Maths & English Skills for all staff; Increase opportunities for all arts subjects
  • Consolidation of classroom moves and development of school site
  • Increase the use of Breech Lane Outdoor Learning facility


We always value feedback from any member of our school community or beyond so please do get in touch!


Please have a read through the first draft of our School Development Plan for 2015 - 2016.

Please share your comments or ideas in relation to our School Development Plan 2015 - 2016

All comments will be shared with the Senior Leadership Team. We aim to respond directly to your messages and will share more widely with our school community if appropriate.

An overview of Walton on the Hill Primary School 'School Development Plan 2014 - 2015'