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Welcome to the Swans' Class Page!

Important info: Swimming starts Tuesday 25th April 2017 


This first half term we are learning about how plants grow and where our food comes from. We will be visiting Wakehurst Place on Wednesday 26th April to learn more!



We are starting off with reading the book Oliver's Vegetables to get children thinking about where our fruit and veg comes from and how it is grown. Children will have opportunities to explore different types of fruit and veg, sketching them and eating them. 


Next children will be learning about Vincent Van Gogh's life as an artist through the story 'Camille and the Sunflowers'. Children will recreate their own version of Van Gogh's famouse sunflower painting. 


Enjoy looking at some of our learning through our photographs and please have a look at the website links below for fun games on Growing plants. 


Please have a look at our topic overview and I can statements to see what the end of year expectations are for your child!

How does your garden grow?

Why Is The Motte Here?

Did Dragons Exist?

Why do Jewish people celebrate Shabbat?

Why is there frost on the grass?

Bonfire Night

What makes me special?

English I can statements

Maths I can statements

Science I can statements