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At Walton on the Hill Primary School we are always looking for innovative ways to raise funds to help support the outstanding level of provision we are able to offer.


We would like to launch W@Bay to our school community as an alternative to other online auction sites. Should you have items of a value greater than £10 that you wish to sell we would happily promote them through our web site page in exchange for a suggested minimum donation of 10% for items under £100 and 5% for anything over this value. We appreciate that this may well be higher than on other such commercially available sites but it will all be going towards the school and it is much easier to deliver it by hand in the playground than have package it up and travel to the local post office. Please note that the school has the right to refuse to sell any item that they deem does not reflect the values of the school.


Please complete the word document below with the information about the item you wish to sell and email it to


 We suggest you either name a fixed price or you may wish to suggest a starting price and invite bids to be sent to you via email and you can then either accept an offer or share a higher bid and people can then raise their offer accordingly. Once the item is sold you will then be responsible for handling the bidding process or agreeing a price with a member of our community and then arranging the collection or delivery, which could be as simple as meeting up on the school playground. Following this we would ask for your donation to come in to school where it will be banked in the in the school account to help raise funds for additional items for the school. Our aim is to track the income from this idea and share with our school community how successful it is and how we plan to spend the funds. We are planning to trial this scheme for this term and will then review whether it has worked or if there are any alterations needed to make it work better.


In addition to this we would like to offer the chance for local businesses to advertise through our weekly newsletter. We would like to trial this by offering a half page advert for £15 a week and a whole page for £20. We would need either a pdf file or an image with accompanying text to copy and paste in to our template.


Item Details Form - W@Bay

Contact Mr Samuel

If you have any questions about our W@Bay service or any other query about our school please get in touch!