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Surrey County Council is the admission authority for this school.  To find up to date information about the school's admission arrangements; details on how to apply, either as part of the normal intake or during the school year; and information on how to appeal, please use this link to the Surrey County Council website –

We work with Surrey County Council to ensure that all children gain a place at a school that best suits their needs. ALL our admissions are handled by Surrey County Council but we would be happy to discuss any issues with you. Please contact the school office to arrange a convenient time for this.



Open Mornings 2022


Wednesday 21st September 2022 9.30—10.30am

Wednesday 28th September 2022 9.30—10.30am

Wednesday 2nd November 2022 9.30—10.30am




Open Afternoons 2022


Monday 17th October 2022 1.30—2.30pm

Tuesday 15th November 2022 1.30—2.30pm


Each of these sessions will be for a maximum of 10 couples only, so you must book a place in advance.


Please call Lucy Young on 01737 812103 or email to reserve your preferred date.

Open Morning PowerPoint - Admissions for September 2021