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Assemblies & Collective Worship

Daily Act of Collective Worship

As a school we believe that collective worship and sharing time together is a crucial part of our broader school life. Every day, every class will be involved in some for of collective worship. These acts of collective worship will reflect the vision and values of our school, the traditions and culture of our country and are broadly based on Christian themes. As a school we follow the Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education Religious Education policy which is a multi-faith based syllabus that will teach children to understand religions from all round the world (Please see a copy of the syllabus below). We regularly invite outside speakers in to our assemblies to engage the children with their specific knowledge, beliefs or skills.


Monday - Headteacher's Assembly

This whole school assembly is an opportunity for our school community to share reflections based on our 3 Rs (Respect, Rights & Responsibilities), SEAL themes (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning) and other important messages. Last year Mr Samuel took the children on a tour around the world with each half term being linked to specific continent (Antarctica is being shared separately!). Each week the children will learnt a little more about the continent or specific countries within it and their beliefs, culture and a range of SMSC aspects. This year (2016 - 2017) we will be looking at topical news stories from both Great Britain and around the world. Each story will be carefully selected and sensitively delivered to the children.


Tuesday - Whole School Singing Practice and SLT Assembly

A member of our Senior Leadership Team will lead these assemblies based on our current theme or other key focus which will be set within the context of a range of songs, often relating to an upcoming event or season.


Wednesday - Teacher's Assembly

Every teacher in our school takes part in our programme of collective worship. These assemblies follow a termly theme and support all the important aspects of our school's Vision and Values.


Thursday - Key Stage Celebration Assembly (parents welcome!)

We love to celebrate good work and special events in our school. On Thursday we hold 2 assemblies. The first is held in the morning for our Cygnets, Swans and Year 2 where we celebrate birthdays, examples of excellent work from the week and achievements from outside of our school. In the afternoon (2.40pm) we hold a Key Stage 2 assembly where we focus on the successes from the week and share outstanding personal achievements.


Friday - Mr Laing Deputy Headteacher and Class Assemblies

Last Year Mr Laing led assemblies that focused on 'Life in Modern Britain' and 'British Values'. This year he will be focusing on the key principles of Growth Mindset and share examples of where this is evident both within our own community and beyond.


Twice a year each class will present their learning to the whole school in an engaging and informative manner. The parents from these classes will be invited in to school for to share with us these assemblies.

Our assemblies are always engaging and interesting for the children and often involve children participating in various ways. Below are a few examples of the resources used in an assembly:

Virtual Assemblies - Autumn 1

Surrey Religous Education Syllabus - Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education