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Charity Fundraising

As part of our Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural education within school life, and in line with our vision of 'Global School Vision - Village School Values' , we aim to impress on the children within our school that most of them are fortunate in the opportunities and lifestyle they experience. As part of this we promote raising funds for charities that benefit others who are less fortunate than the majority of children at our school or who are faced with additional challenges. Each year we select an international charity that supports projects inline with our school values and a more local charity, often that has supported members of our school community.

Our international charity for this year...

As part of our ongoing commitment to educating the whole school community about their world through our ‘Global School Vision - Village School Values’ ethos, we have decided that the international charity that we will be supporting throughout this academic year (2019 - 2020) will be Health Improvement Project Zanzibar’ (HIPZ). This superb charity has improved a whole range of medical provision to communities on the island of Zanzibar and continues to make an invaluable contribution to the lives of children and their families. (click here for more information). Our particular focus will be around the amazing work they do to support premature babies through their ‘Kangaroo Care’ initative. Our target for this school year is to raise £1000 to support this work across the two hospitals that are run by HIPZ.


HIPZ welcomes Walton on the Hill Primary School