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Our newly formed chess club is up and running with nearly 30 children coming every week to learn new techniques and strategies to use when playing a game of chess. Mr Anthony is leading the club with Mr Samuel helping and we are both very impressed with the early progress of the children and the level of enthusiasm they show.

Mr Anthony has devised a training scheme for our young chess players which allows the children to work through Bronze, Silver and Gold awards as their level of understanding and skills develop. When the children have reached their Silver award they will enter a ladder system where they will be able to challenge other children to a match...more details to follow. We have been in contact with some of the local schools and we are planning to organise a chess festival in the Autumn Term.


Below are some of the training sessions we have worked through and an explanation of the different awards. Additionally, on some weeks the children will be set optional home learning to help develop their game further.

Welcome back to Chess Club  - 2018/2019!

It is great to welcome back members who started out with us last academic year and to bring on-board new members! 
Over the course of this half term we would encourage you to complete some optional home learning based around chess. 

Task 1: Who is your favourite chess player? 

Carry out some research and write a short profile of this player and present it as a fact-file, PowerPoint, Top Trump car or other creative way. 


Task 2: What is your favourite chess opening? 

Have a look at some of the common openings, try them out and see which one you like best. 


Mr A's Top Tips for Openings:


  • Move 2 middle pawns forward - Try and take control of the centre of the board (pawn to E4) as a strong opening move!
  • Develop you pieces - get them involved as quickly as possible. Storm towards the centre of the board to get your pieces (soldiers!) quickly involved in the battle
  • 'Castle' to keep your king safe! Click here to watch a video about how to castle! 



As a school we are working alongside the fantastic organisation 'Chess in Schools and Communities' (please click here for link and see link below). They provide guidance and resources to promote chess in schools with the following aims.


  • To improve children's educational outcomes and foster their social development by introducing them to the game of chess in schools and inner city communities
  • To organise and promote world class chess events as a catalyst for mass participation.
  • To raise the profile of chess and highlight its educational and social benefits.



In the future we hope to engage further with the organisation who support participating schools with:

  • Chess equipment, books, teaching aids and software.

  • A curriculum with lesson plans, worksheets and handouts.

  • Training for teachers and teaching assistants.

  • Entry to a national schools' competition.

  • Free activities day at the London Chess Classic


Please see our curriculum and hand-outs below, all of which have been shared with our chess club.

Our 10 Week Chess Curriculum - Chess in Schools and Communities