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Curriculum Vision

Curriculum Vision

Our Curriculum Vision Statement

At Walton the Hill we aim to offer a rich and engaging school experience in which children are willing partners in their own learning. They enjoy school, form friendships for life and become responsible, respectful young people.  Our curriculum is diverse, thought-provoking, creative, inspirational and soaked in memorable moments.


Our Six Learning Values

Our learning values should be evident in all that we do at school. We draw focus to each individual value over the course of a half term. Children are taught about the constituent elements of each value and begin to understand the importance that we place in each. Assemblies are used to introduce and explore the values in greater depth. We also try to incorporate the value in other curriculum areas whenever possible. By emphasising the importance of these key tenets we aim to embed these values within our curriculum, our staff and our pupils.


Our learning values are:


Collaboration is crucial to successful, independent learning. Through effective collaboration we begin to understand the importance of cooperation, of taking turns, of respecting difference and diversity, of friendship, of being fair, of sensitive listening and of unity.


Resilience is about being determined to succeed, setting a goal and sticking to it. We aim to foster a willingness to take risks and an acceptance of failure. We take positives from all that we do and learn from our mistakes. We are responsible for our own learning and develop high self-esteem.


Equality incorporates aspects of tolerance, inclusion and diversity. We expect children to have an awareness of the wider world, to celebrate difference and respect the rights of all individuals, both in the school community and beyond.


Compassion is about kindness and concern, about friendship and love, about communicating effectively and understanding the needs of others. Through our focus on this value we expect to develop thoughtful, considerate children who are empathetic, respectful and kind.


Creativity and Innovation is the value through which we hope to inspire children to appreciate their individuality, to be imaginative and inquisitive, to inspire and be inspired! We aim to nurture originality and dynamism through continued exposure to the latest design, technological innovations and art.


Exploration - all children love to explore. By focussing on this value we aim to encourage children to become active learners and to be curious and confident when experiencing new things. Exploring the world beyond their own classroom will help to develop a respect for nature and a love for the outdoors.


Curriculum Aims

The curriculum we offer at Walton on the Hill Primary aims:


To promote a love of learning.


To provide a happy, safe and secure learning environment.


To offer a diverse range of learning experiences, always fun, always engaging and soaked in memorable moments.


To nurture, confident, independent individuals who are equipped and skilled for later life.


To give everyone the opportunity to fulfil their highest potential, both academically, and in respect of their wider interests and talents.


To offer a bespoke curriculum that makes full use of the local community and environment but also reaches out in to the wider world to nurture global thinkers; global citizens of the future.


To offer the widest possible range of enrichment activities and experiences, including after school clubs and educational visits.


To provide expert teaching and high quality teachers who are well trained, highly motivated and well supported.


To foster creativity.


To encourage children to become partners in their own learning by setting achievable goals and working together to enable children to become more aware of their own preferred learning styles.