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We hope that the menu below will enable you to continue your learning at home for the first 48 hours of any period of isolation. There are lots of different tasks and activities to choose from but to ensure that you are kept busy we would recommend a good balance of starter dishes, main courses and deserts!

As well as the tasty choices from our menu we expect all children to be reading daily and practising core skills using numbots, times table rockstars, phonics play, purple mash and mathletics! Don't forget to get some exercise too. We would love you to upload photographs or copies of the work that you have completed to your class dojo profile at then end of each day.

Starter Menu
These starters are daily essentials so fill yourself up with as many as you can and keep coming back for more!

Phonics - Please log on to phonics play and explore some of the free games and activities available on that website. If you sign up for a 7 day free trial - available for all isolating children - then all the activities and games become available:

Number - Please access Numbots website for 10 minutes each day and see how many virtual coins you can earn by showing off your number skills:

Reading - Please make sure you keep up with at least 10 minutes of reading daily. This does not have to be a book from school. You could choose your favourite book from home to read with adult support! 

Another great site which you might like to explore is Teach Your Monster to Read:

Fine Motor Skills

Why not try making your own necklace by threading pasta and buttons on to a shoelace or spend the next few days learning how to tie your laces.

Main Course
Maths - Please spend 20 minutes working through the Autumn Themed Maths booklet below. You can either print the booklet and complete it that way or just write your calculations and answers on a separate piece of paper. 
English - Please spend a further 20 minutes working through some of the activities in the English activity booklet. There is a good range of tasks and activities that will build on the learning that you have done in school.  

Phonics - For daily phonics lessons to reinforce what we are learning in school please follow the link below:

Oak National Academy Maths - We would also love you to take part in one of the interactive maths lessons provided by the national academy. There are 10 great video lessons on pattern and early number that all children will benefit from. Follow the link below - start with the first video and then come back tomorrow for more!

Still hungry?

Investigate how many different ways can you arrange ten of your toys?

Oak National Academy English - We would also love you to take part in one of the interactive English lessons provided by the national academy. There are 10 lessons all based around the story of The Noisy House. It's a really great book which we are sure you will love. Try the first video lesson by following the link below:



Understanding the World - Can you discuss with an adult what an ocean is? What kind of creatures live in the sea? If you follow the link below you will learn about creatures that live under the sea and you even get to capture the sea in your own sensory bottle!

Music - can you make your own junk model instrument? Why not try writing and performing your own nursery rhyme to perform!

Still Hungry - Follow the link below to join in one of the interactive music lessons entitled All About Me

Art - Why not create your own junk model, paint a picture to show today's weather, make a collage with natural materials or use paint to create a butterfly print!