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We hope that the menu below will enable you to continue your learning at home for the first 48 hours of any period of isolation. There are lots of different tasks and activities to choose from but to ensure that you are kept busy we would recommend a good balance of starter dishes, main courses and deserts!

As well as the tasty choices from our menu we expect all children to be reading daily and practising core skills using numbots, times table rockstars, phonics play, purple mash and mathletics! Don't forget to get some exercise too. We would love you to upload photographs or copies of the work that you have completed to your class dojo profile at then end of each day.

Starter Menu
These starters are daily essentials so fill yourself up with as many as you can and keep coming back for more!

Numbots: Spend  at least 10 minutes tackling challenges on your Numbots account

Spellings: Practise spellings from previous weeks using Look Say Cover Write Check and using your Spelling Shed Assignments and games.

Number Challenge: Have a go at the 3D Shape Sheet (see resources below).


Main Course
Maths - Please spend at least 30 minutes per day working through the activities in the maths booklet. You can either print the booklet and complete it that way or just record your answers on paper. You may even like to add photos to show your answers when working with practically. Independent Maths and English workbook. Y2 Resources from Twinkl
English - Please spend at least 30 minutes per day working through the activities in the English booklet. There are a variety of activities including reading and comprehension, grammar activities or word puzzles.
Independent Maths and English workbook. Y2 Resources from Twinkl

Oak National Academy Maths - Here you will find a set of video lessons exploring shape and patterns.  We have done a three week block on Geometry in the Spring term so this will be useful consolidation.

Oak National Academy English - How do birds fly? Here you will find a set of 10 lessons with a focus on explanation texts that look at this amazing feat. This will build on the work undertaken at school this half-term and links to our flight topic earlier this term.

Computing: Log on to your Purple Mash account and explore the different programs in the computing section.  Use your coding skills to try out some other programs.  Save your work in your file.  Check your emails too and reply to anyone who has sent you a message.  Remember you can add a picture!  Maybe email someone you haven’t sent a message to before.

Music: We learnt how to sing and sign ‘I can sing a Rainbow’ with Makaton actions – here’s a recap! Perhaps you can teach your family some of the Makaton actions for the colours?

Art: You may like to explore weaving activities using different materials, wools and ribbons and also natural materials. You may like to watch this video and have a go yourself. Follow the link:

Or learn to weave a willow fish, use wool or long leaves if you are not lucky enough to have willow. Follow the link:

Science: The following block of 6 lessons recaps and extends learning on our topic of Materials. Click on the link to choose where you’d like to start:

Geography: You can build on your knowledge of the Scotland through video clips, quizzes and games found on BBC bitesize; Explore the World. Click on the link to find the activities: