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Key Dates for your Diary!

Please visit this page to get all the key dates and events for the school. We have published the holiday dates for the next 2 years as decided on by Surrey County Council. In addition to these dates we will have 6 INSET (IN SErvice Training) days across the year which are focused on developing staff skills and training. .




Dates for School Year 2020 - 2021 EXCLUDING INSET DAYS - Our first 2 INSET Days will be on 1st & 2nd September 2020

Inset Days for 2020-2021


Tuesday 1st September          New protocol and preparation for whole school opening

Wednesday 2nd September    Safeguarding and Overview of the Year

Friday 12th February               Mid-Year Appraisal and Subject Leadership

Monday 8th March                   SESTA Primary Conference

Monday 7th June                     Assessment and Reporting

Monday 28th June                   Planning for Next Academic Year


2021 - 2022 Term Dates (excluding Inset days)

Altered Summer 2020 Dates

Dates for School Year 2019 - 2020 - EXCLUDING 5 INSET DAYS which are detailed above

Diary Dates Spring / Summer 2020

Christmas Diary of Events

Calendar Dates Autumn 2019