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Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

As a school we are committed to every child leading a healthy lifestyle, learning about how to look after their bodies and taking part in a range of physical activities.


Our curriculum and extra-curricular activities offer a wide range of different learning opportunities to promote healthy living and sustainability. Our school follows the notion of 'Global School Vision - Village School Values' which includes the recognition that we are all members of our local, national and global community. Through our taught curriculum and collective message to all stakeholders in the school we aim to share positive messages that foster these principles.

Cycling is FUN! Cycling is COOL! Cycling is a GREAT WAY TO GET TO SCHOOL!


Cycling is a fantastic form of transport, a recreational activity and a sport in its own right. As a form of transport, the advantage of cycling over scooting, skating and walking is that you can travel further and quicker. We believe that learning to ride a bicycle is a fundamental life skill that all young people should learn and as such include cycling in our curriculum and in our curriculum enrichment activities. Throughout the school different age children are able to access Bikeability at different levels which provides the basic and more advanced skill needed to safely enjoy cycling.


We work with Sustrans (see documents below) and British Cycling to offer a wide range of cycling activities and aim to include cycling in our school Sports Day next academic year.

Photos from our 'Go and Glow' parade!