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At Walton on the Hill Primary School we believe that music is an important subject through which children can express themselves. We strive to provide children in our school with a variety of different opportunities throughout their time with us to experience music in different forms, such as singing, performing and composing. Below are some examples of our musical lessons, events and performances! Throughout the year we will continue to add content so you can see what the children experience in our school.


All children to access the key elements of music each year on a spiral curriculum:


  • All children to access the key elements of music each year on a spiral curriculum:
  • play and perform in solo and ensemble contexts, using their voices and playing musical instruments with increasing accuracy, fluency, control and expression
  • improvise and compose music for a range of purposes using the inter-related dimensions of music
  • listen with attention to detail and recall sounds with increasing aural memory
  • use and understand staff and other musical notations
  • appreciate and understand a wide range of high-quality live and recorded music drawn from different traditions and from great composers and musicians
  • develop an understanding of the history of music and significant figures through history


In The Classroom

Three common themes form the basis of our music curriculum. These are;

1.      Performing – Controlling sounds through singing and playing

2.      Composing – Creating and developing musical ideas

3.      Appraising – Recording and reviewing

Children are also taught to listen and to apply their musical knowledge and understanding through these three strands.  As they travel through the school, children are taught how to develop as musicians in each of these areas. In doing so, they engage with music from a variety of genres, cultures and eras. Enthusiasm is high and is crucial for effective learning to take place. Class projects are continually reshaped to allow children as much input as possible into the music they perform and make.

We adopt as practical an approach as possible to music, using singing, movement and instruments to instil a working knowledge of dynamics, tempo, timbre, pitch and duration.

Different technologies are used to allow pupils to record, make and manipulate music. We are developing the use of our iPads to act as instruments and recording facilities and encouraging creativity and self-improvement.

Whole Class Musical Instrument Lessons:

We believe that all children should try and learn a musical instrument to understand the challenges involved, rewards available and to open up new opportunities both while with us at Walton on the Hill Primary School and beyond. In order to facilitate this we have specialist staff leading key instrumental lessons throughout the school.

Reception and Year 1 – Musical

Year 2 - Ocarina

Year 3 - Recorder

Year 4 – Clarinet

Year 5 – Ukulele

Year 6 - Ukulele


Special Events

In addition to musical aspects of class assemblies we aim to offer other special musical experiences to each year group. Within school these include singing in church, whole class instrumental tuition, the Christmas play and Summer Production.


Regular Extras

There are specialist groups such Band and Choir who meet weekly and perform in assemblies and at some PTA events. We have even been known to go busking for charity!

Music lessons are available during school time for those children who wish to progress vocally or with an instrument on an individual basis. These are provided by Surrey Arts and other organisations such as Rock and Pop Foundation.

Each week we have a singing assembly where the children learn new Christian songs and practise some they already know. This helps us to use music as worship in church services and assemblies as well as it being a curriculum subject


The Future

We are keen to extend the musical education for the children in our school (please development plan below) in order to develop the range of instrumentalists within our school. We would like to have our musical ensemble growing in to an orchestra, potentially with links established with other local schools.


Music Action Plan - 2019 - 2020