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Trips and Special Events

We believe that learning should not only take place in the classroom. Throughout the year every class will be take part in a wide range of special events and trips which are planned to enhance the formal taught curriculum. Our wide range of learning opportunities provide rich and memorable experiences for the children at our school that contribute to and are developed through the taught curriculum. Some events are delivered to specific year groups to support their curriculum, whilst others are aimed at Key Stages or the whole school to develop the sense of community throughout our school.

All visitors to our school and trips to other locations are carefully planned and appropriate risk assessments and value for money considerations made to ensure a safe and valuable experience is had by all children. Our aim is for ALL children to be included in these activities and we will work hard with children who are reluctant to partake in such events and to support families for whom the cost could be a prohibiting factor.

Visiting Speakers

We have a range of exciting learning opportunities this year which will be delivered by visiting speakers and drama groups.This will include visits from parents who are willing to come in to school and share their skills and experiences with our school. Please let your Mr Samuel know if you would be keen to come in and work with children in this way. 

School Trips - Day Trips

Our range of day trips includes visits to contrasting places of religious worship, museums and art galleries, places of historical interest and more. We will be posting more about these day trips soon!

Residential Trips

Aimed to develop independence, confidence and to aid team building within the year groups, alongside a range of educational values, our residential trips are a valued part of our curriculum.

Year Group Duration Location Term
Year 4 1 Night School Playing Field Summer 1
Year 5 2 Night  High Ashurst Summer 1
Year 6 4 Night PGL Centre Summer 2