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Photography Challenge

Photography Challenge...

Some of you may have seen on the Walton on the Hill Facebook page the fantastic photographs Mr Clack has been taking around the village while out for his daily exercise. This has inspired me to take more photos when I am out in my garden or walking with my family. Our learning value for this half term is ‘Creativity and Innovation’ and I would like to invite you to share photographs you have taken to keep us connected. It doesn't matter if they are taken on a phone or the latest digital SLR camera! We will share the photographs in an online gallery for now but would love to have an exhibition of these when we can safely do so.


· Lovely Local Landscapes - photographs of local landmarks and beautiful vistas from around our area.

· Amazing Natural Worldcapture the beauty of nature at home or when on your safe exercise - flora & fauna.

· Dress to impress - Dress up as a famous, important or inspirational person - consider replicating a famous portrait photograph.

· Other - any photographs that you have enjoyed taking—this could include some digital manipulation and creativity with your photographs!

If you would like to share your photographs with the school community please send them to me via email (

Please ensure that you have the permission of any people in your photo for it to be shared on our school website and that you observe the Government’s guidance on social distancing when out taking photographs.


Free National Geographic Guide to Photography