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Plans & Information for further opening of the School

In response to the Government's ambition that Primary Schools begin to take more children back in to school from 1st June (it is not our school reopening as we have never fully closed - rather extending our provision). This web-page will have some key documents and when we have finalised an overview plan we will share this through this page for some degree of consultation with our stakeholders. 

Our approach to extending our provision is:


Monday 1st June - Key & Critical Worker Children Only (Cygnets, Swans and Year 6 parents if you are able to keep your child/children at home on this day or until their bubble is fully open to reduce the numbers in school this would be a great help - please email me to let me know if you are able to do this -


Tuesday 2nd June - Key & Critical Worker Children & Cygnets


Wednesday 3rd June - Key & Critical Worker Children, Cygnets and Swans


Thursday 4th June - Key & Critical Worker Children, Cygnets, Swans and Year 6


From Monday 1st June

Core Workers

From Tuesday 2nd June


From Wednesday 3rd June Swans

From Thursday 4th June

Year 6

Time to arrive at school

8.40 – 8.50am

9.00 – 9.10am

8.50 – 9.00am

8.30 – 8.40am

Time to go home

2.50 – 3.00pm

2.30 – 2.40pm

2.40 – 2.50pm

3.00 – 3.10pm

Friday Home Time

12.50 – 1.00pm

unless 3.15pm collection needed

12.30 – 12.40pm

12.40 – 12.50pm

1.00 – 1.10pm



Please be punctual for the 10 minute window for your year group.

Those arriving late may be asked to wait until all the other groups have come in to school. 

One Way System in and out of School

What do the children need to bring to school every day?

All they need to bring is a waterproof coat (that will be kept on the back of your chair – with a hood is possible as outdoor learning will happen rain or shine – within reason!),  a water bottle and your packed lunch, unless you are having a school lunch. We will not be sending home any reading books or home learning so you will not need a bag. Please do not bring any toys or teddy bears in to school.


Classroom Photographs

Plan for Reopening from 1st June (extending our provision from critical and core workers to include Cygnets, Swans and Year 6)

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can I bring my other child/children at drop-off / collection time if there is no one else at home?

You certainly can bring along other children at these times but we ask you to keep them close by to you and not allow them to stray from your side. 


Can I still bring my dog to the dog park when I am dropping off my child? 

At the moment we are asking that no dogs are brought on to site as this would impact on our one way system and provide an additional challenge. 


Can my child still ride their bike or scooter to school? 

Initially we are saying no to bikes and scooters while we assess how the start and end of the day will look. We will review this in the coming weeks and update you on any changes to this. 


Will there be any after school club or extended day provision?


There will be no after school clubs for the remainder of this term.