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Times Tables Challenge

At Walton on the Hill Primary School we feel that learning Times Tables is a really important part of a child's mathematical education. The ability to recall multiplication facts at speed is a great basis to support mental maths work and help speed up and check written methods of calculation. Every Key Stage 2 class will have regular times tables tests and then at the end of each term children can take part in the 'Times Tables Challenge'. This is organised in to 4 different levels as, outlined below, and requires children to know the relevant times tables both as multiplication and division form. The questions will not be asked in any form of sequence and are quick fire with typically 3 seconds given to each question/.


Bronze - 2, 5 & 10 (20 questions)

Silver - 2, 5 & 10 + 3, 6, 9, 11 (30 questions)

Gold - 2 - 12 (40 questions)

Platinum - A range of calculations and questions related to all times tables. It will also include other aspects of mental arithmetic including finding %s of number, fractions of totals etc. (20 questions) 



Our Times Tables Challenge is aimed to test the speed of recall the children have for their key number facts. Each question will be read out, repeated and then a 3 second pause before going on to the next calculation. As harsh as it may seem children will not be given an opportunity to ask for any question to be repeated or clarification.