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Welcome to the Useful Information page.
We aim to signpost parents towards organisations, resources and websites that we feel could support children, families and our wider school community. If you are aware of any resources that we have not featured on this that would be beneficial to members of our school community please do let us know.

Family Support


Specific Needs

We have a whole range of needs within our school and use a wide range of external services to ensure we are able to offer an inclusive environment for all children. Sometimes the issues children face can impact on family life beyond school. The following links are by no means comprehensive but are organisations that have supported families in our school.

Music and Arts Links

Early Years Foundation Stage - Reception Class 'Cygnets'


We aim to work with parents to ensure the transition of children from Nursery in to our Reception class is as smooth and effective as possible. The following links are to some useful information that we may refer to over time.

Information for Parents Living Apart