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Walton Bay - Sell your items to support charity!

W@Bay is an experimental way to raise funds for the charities we support. We tried something similar in the past with mixed success but would like to try again in the lead up to Christmas when I know lots of people will want to be clearing out good quality toys, bicycles and any other unused items. The basic concept is similar to eBay but is hosted on our school website with a suggested 10% of the sale price being donated towards our chosen charities. This is year we are supporting Health Improvement Project Zanzibar and Epsom and Ewell Food bank.


What you have to do?

Anyone from our school community who has something that they wish to sell completes a form (below) with a description and photos of the item and emails it to Mr Samuel. He will upload it on to the bottom of this web-page and then members of the school community can view the items and bid / make offers directly to the seller. Once sold we would encourage the seller to make a donation to the charities we are supporting.


Note: We have considered the implications of running a scheme while COVID-19 still governs much of our daily lives and given that eBay and online shopping is still acceptable we feel that with some precautions put in to place it is still possible.


Items can be brought to school to be given to the buyer by prearrangement and observing the following it will work:


  • Use sensible precautions when receiving items – e.g. wash your hands after opening and dispose of packaging and be mindful of social distancing when receiving parcels.
  • Keep the government regulations in mind when collecting an item from a sellers house - you should not be going in to the house. 
  • Please keep collections restricted to your local area so that they can be incorporated into your daily exercise outing, and of course practice social distancing.


Please contact Mr Samuel for any further information.