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What to do if your child is unwell...

From time to time your child may be poorly and need to take time off school! Please do read through the information shared below and take appropriate precautions to ensure your child is allowed time to recuperate and any germs or infections are not shared with other members of our school community.

Please let the school know by 9.15am that your child will not be in school and what is wrong with them - (01737) 812103 or 


Children who suffer sickness or diarrhoea must be kept off school for 48 hours from the last incidence in order to avoid spreading any infection. If a child has been sick due car sickness or a specific, non-contagious medical condition please contact the school office to discuss their return to school.


We ask parents to inform the school of any infectious illnesses, so that we can inform and protect any child or member of staff who could be particularly at risk from them.



Please refer to this table to ascertain when you child can return to school following an illness:

Please complete a Pupil Medication Request Form if your child requires antibiotics or other medicine to be administered at school

We will complete a medical care plan in school should it be needed to support a child...