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Year 3

We hope that the menu below will enable you to continue your learning at home for the first 48 hours of any period of isolation. There are lots of different tasks and activities to choose from but to ensure that you are kept busy we would recommend a good balance of starter dishes, main courses and deserts!

As well as the tasty choices from our menu we expect all children to be reading daily and practising core skills using numbots, times table rockstars, phonics play, purple mash and mathletics! Don't forget to get some exercise too. We would love you to upload photographs or copies of the work that you have completed to your class dojo profile at then end of each day.

Starter Menu
These starters are daily essentials so fill yourself up with as many as you can and keep coming back for more!
Times Tables - Please log on to Times Table Rockstars and spend at least 20 minutes practising your times tables. Once you have done that please try and complete on of our times table challenge sheets in as quick a time as possible (see below). 
Spellings - Log on to Spelling Shed and spend 20 minutes practising your weekly spellings. Once you have done that try and complete one of the spelling challenges below. 

Reading - Please read your book for 20 - 30 minutes and choose to complete on of the activities listed below;

  • Summarise what you have read about with a hashtag - no more than 120 characters
  • Write a diary entry from the perspective of the main character
  • Write a paragraph predicting what might happen next?
  • Write a short review of the book so far saying who you might recommend it for and why?
  • Using the opening line of the current chapter write your own story starter
Main Course
Maths - Please spend at least 1 hour a day working through the activities in the maths activity booklet. You can either print the booklet and complete it that way or just write your calculations and answers on a separate piece of paper. 
English - Please spend a further hour working through some of the activities in the English activity booklet. There is a good range of reading, writing and grammar activities that will build on the learning that you have done in school.  

Oak National Academy Maths - We would also love you to take part in one of the interactive maths lessons provided by the national academy. This term we have been looking at Place Value so please follow the link below and enjoy one of the video lessons that they offer. You will need a pencil and paper. Enjoy

Oak National Academy English During Year 3, we will be talking a lot about what makes a good sentence.  Please try out this sentence lesson from the National Academy and try the activities on the video.

Computing - A useful skill when using the computer is learning to type.  Please use the following program called Dancemat Typing to practise your typing.  If you are able to print any certificates you have earned, we would love to see them!

Science - This is a great experiment for you to try at home.  You will get to see the immediate reaction and enjoy amazing your family.  Please see the Year 3 Science file below


Art - We would love you have a go at drawing your portrait.  This activity gives you helpful step by step instructions to help you plan out your portrait. Hopefully you will be able to use these skills in many more art activities.   We would love to see your finished drawings.


Science - Try out one of these experiments at home, they use everyday objects and products that you can find around your house. Make predictions of what you will think will happen, record your findings and try to explain why it happened.

Geography - Maps have to show a lot of information in a small space.  One of the ways they do this is by using symbols. A symbol is a picture which represents something else.  Watch the two films that are on this website which are all about maps and map symbols.

Complete Activity 1 which is under the film.

Then try completing the map symbol task and the map symbol challenge which are saved in a separate document below.

Music - Please try out this music lesson on beatboxing – it is a lot of fun!

Handwriting - Please practice the words that are on the separate handwriting sheet.

French - This is a great song for you to practise your numbers up to 20.  By singing it regularly I’m sure it will help you remember then.